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Hey everyone! Today, I’m excited to share with you a simple way to generate direct download links for your Google Drive files using our awesome tool.

Let’s jump right into it and skip the formalities. No more hassle, now we come to the main point.

Step : 1 firstable you open your google drive app and follow my this screenshot below
When you open your google drive app, you see this type interface, so what can you do now! Now you choice your file, image, video,pdf or any format that you want to make direct download link. After that You click 3 dot menu

And show this type interface,  now you click on Manage access option.  And after that click restricted option for make google drive download link

When you click the option, then you see get a editor option, and here you selected the “any one with open the link, 

After that you again back to our website Google drive direct download link panel, and paste your public link the 1st input box

Then you easily convert your dirve to link to direct download link.
Now long press the link, and share you it anywhere.

Thanks for read my full article.

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