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Temporary Mail Generator

Mail এর উপর ক্লিক করে ধরে রেখে কপি করবেন।

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    Hello friends, in this Tutroial i am gonna show you,  how to make unlimited free temp mail means temporary mail.

    you can easily generate temp mail using our official email generator tools.

    Follow my screenshots and article below :

    Step 1 : for genrate temp mail click on generate option,  aftet that when generated the temporary email, you hold click the email and selected all text. Then show a device default copy option, simply you click the copy option, and copy your generated temp mail

    Now can you the temp mail, to create account any website or app. 
    Example : I created an account on a platform with my generated temp email. And see now an otp code has arrived.
    For see full details your mailbox, just click the “View Full Message ” Option and look this.

    Thanks for reading my article. 

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